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Laetitia Casta
Laetitia Casta
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Comments on Laetitia Casta

Name: koolaid
Rating: 9
Comments: Very nice girl great work too

Name: arod892
Rating: 7
Comments: nice

Name: Jason
Rating: 10
Comments: great work

Name: bab
Rating: 4
Comments: She is perfect & nice

Name: ba
Rating: 4
Comments: She is so nice & pretty

Name: Raesa
Rating: Not Rated
Comments: She is marvelous...never even on my best day could I match her beauty.

Name: Dan
Rating: 10
Comments: This girl is sooo hot! Look at her on the red couch! S I Z Z L E ! Anyways...I had a lot of fun with this design, as I used a technique I don't really use often in my backgrounds. That being the placement of full bodies in the design, from head to toe. Most designs have faces and a few shots from waist up. But, I couldn't resist putting in these full sized pics since they are so good. What do you think of this girl?

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