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Judgement Day: Linda Hamilton
Judgement Day: Linda Hamilton
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Comments on Judgement Day: Linda Hamilton

Name: who?
Rating: 1
Comments: awful!

Name: Oreste Vazquez
Rating: 6
Comments: Full of color and just what I was looking for. Thanks

Name: Ganeo
Rating: 10
Comments: I want this image, i'm searshing this image :) To chto nujno

Name: WildBard
Rating: 10
Comments: KICK ASS Linda Hamilton!!! Love the web site!!!

Name: Dan
Rating: 7
Comments: I really like the text effet here...but for some reason I'm not too impressed with the rest. Maybe it's the orange color (meant to indicate fire, or explosion, or nuke ;)...or, maybe it's the cutout of Linda...shrug. Hey, I still like it :)

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