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September 2000 (Devi)
September 2000 (Devi)
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Comments on September 2000 (Devi)

Name: kmotc
Rating: 10
Comments: This image is gorgeous --the composition is tight! like the calandar especially

Name: Heidi
Rating: 9
Comments: I loved Gabby in Devi and you did a great representation of her here. Without the calender letterning and numbers it would be great year round!

Name: Xenagrrrl
Rating: 10
Comments: I loved Devi...and this background is JUST amazing! Loved ROC's eyes in the ep, and you captured her perfectly! Awesome job!

Name: Dan
Rating: 10
Comments: In all honesty, I don't really care for Renee with this Devi look. But, that's partly why I decided to try doing it. It was a challenge for me...to make (even me :) like this look. This is the September 2000 unofficial Xena calendar. Hope you enjoy.

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