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Vanessa Upton
Vanessa Upton
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Comments on Vanessa Upton

Name: funboy
Rating: Not Rated
Comments: she is hot, but what if she did not have 2 pounds of plastic on her.

Name: neal cooper
Rating: 10
Comments: well she is fit fine and dame f**** good in fetish gear

Name: Todd Alison
Rating: Not Rated
Comments: Great!

Name: alex
Rating: 8
Comments: nice

Name: majid
Rating: Not Rated
Comments: ,hukgbuky

Name: shay
Rating: 10
Comments: Hot as f***! What more do you need to say

Name: perv boy
Rating: 10
Comments: more please! Quality female

Name: sam
Rating: 7
Comments: ok graphics good overall. hot woman!!

Name: Bill hates
Rating: 10
Comments: ooooooooh! she's the best!!p.s. hey dan, i know some nice pages where you can find more pics of VANESSA UPTON!!!you can mail me at: mvl_nl@dolfijn.nl or michiel_leeuwen@hotmail.com

Name: wafer
Rating: 10
Comments: this is one mint bird, for more got to http://www.chez.com/docfreud/images/girlz/vanessa_upton/uptonv.htm

Name: C-nith
Rating: 10
Comments: I too stumbled across the picture ofVanessa quite some time ago, but theonly info about her was her first name.Luckily I recently found another pic ofthis godess not long ago. She has a gr8attitude about her and looks gr8! She'sjust...WOW! I wish she'd make tons ofmore pics of herself so I can droolmyself dry =)~~~

Name: Lil' G
Rating: 9
Comments: Her full name is Vanessa Upton, she models for lads magazine in the UK check out sites like FASTCAR.co.uk and LOADED.com I'm sure they'll have more!!

Note from Dan: Lil' G, I am forever in your debt! It is Vanessa Upton! (never heard of her before now). Check out this Unofficial Vanessa Upton Site.

Name: SuperAdil
Rating: 9
Comments: It's Lisa Boyle right?

Note from Dan: The more I look, the more I believe...I think you're right!

Name: Dan
Rating: 10
Comments: Drool...
Ok, I'm done. The design on this is so-so. But, who cares. I could have just posted this girl and I'd rate it a 10! :) Damn, she is hot! If you know where I can get more pictures of this her, you must tell me!

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