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Eve to Livia
Eve to Livia
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Comments on Eve to Livia

Name: Jamie
Rating: 10
Comments: This is truly one of the most amazing montages I've ever seen. Wow! That's all there is to it...wow.

Name: boony
Rating: 9
Comments: very nice... the center images could do with a bit less fuzziness on the edges, but overall it looks great

Name: Megan MOGER
Rating: 10
Comments: Ilike leahs web sit becase shes my sister. and shes cool

Name: Heidi
Rating: 10
Comments: I just discovered your work Dan and I love it! This is a beautiful work. I'll defnitely be collecting all your art for my desktop!

Name: TheRaven
Rating: 8
Comments: Nice imagery, excellent subject matter, just one critique, next time, make more!!

Name: Rachel
Rating: 9
Comments: OOooh I like this one! Brilliant! Wondeful!

Name: leah moger
Rating: 5
Comments: its pretty cool but i actually met adrienne wilkson and i think that this is what she'd think

Note from Dan: Adrienne signed a copy of this wallpaper and she liked it a lot (or so she said). A rating of 5 seems a bit low to me.

Name: senshiknight@aol.com
Rating: 8
Comments: I like this one a lot

Name: Cryssi
Rating: 10
Comments: Another masterpiece to add to your collection Dan!! This is what all of us aspire to create! I love the borders on this wall...I spent a long time just looking at them, and each image is fits so perfectly. The shape of the central images leads your eye right to them. Wonderful!!

Name: RubeinLawrence
Rating: 10
Comments: what a tremendously wonderful wall. the borders, both upper & lower, are so interesting you could study them for a long time. the color & shading is excellent. i wasn't even that impressed with livia to begin with but now i will have to rethink this. this could be your best yet. love it!!

Note from Dan: What Rubein doesn't know, is that this is a hypnotic wallpaper. It converts non believers! ;) :)

Name: Nikolov (right below you!)
Rating: 9
Comments: Three words... I Love It! This is the type of graphic manipulation and produce I aspire to! The use of colour and creative montage is fantastic and I... I... I Love It!

Name: Dan
Rating: 10
Comments: We all know that Eve was born of an angel, and that Xena was going to do her best to raise her a good child. However, the circumstances at hand did not allow that and Eve was raised by others. Eve gave herself the name Livia, and her dark side was nurtured by those who kept her. My only gripe with this design is that it sort of has a futuristic feel to it. For some reason, everytime I look at it, I think Robotech. ;) :)

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