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Kyla Cole
Kyla Cole
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Comments on Kyla Cole

Name: Rocco
Rating: 10
Comments: very nice......very nice....i wish i had been with this girl..thanks kyla for your excellent presentation..

Name: Roman
Rating: 10
Comments: Hi, Kyla (Martina Jacova) is NOT from the CZECH REPUBLIC, she is from the SLOVAK REPUBLIC (by the way, on the first page of www.kylacolesite.com - she is "wearing" a SLOVAK national flag)

Name: James
Rating: 10
Comments: awesome wallpaper, I love you kyla simple as that i just hope to meet her someday and then.....

Name: Slowik
Rating: 10
Comments: This wallpaper has something misterious and that is why it is marvellous.Kyla is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen.Because of her beauty i realize what the sense of life is and i am sure that i am not the only one ;)

Name: Kyla Cole
Rating: 10
Comments: Woaw..i was just sufing around...Thanxxx

Name: Pedro
Rating: 9
Comments: Great one, i've been after pictures of her, thanks!

Name: d e benson
Rating: 8
Comments: very nice.I just came across kyla's pics by accident. Beautiful girl, great body. Great artwork. I hope to see more of your work with Kyla. What can I say? She is a turnon !

Name: s. shadow
Rating: 10
Comments: unfortunetly the the rating can only go up 2 10 so thats all i could put. if u ever wanted 2 know what a godess would look like look at her picture and tell me that u just didnt see 1. her blue eyes are hypnotic so u just sit there looking in her eys 4 a long time then u realize its just a picture. thats the kind of women i would like 2 be with my self, 1 u just dont get enough of. i havnt actualy seen any full body poses of her yet but what i can see so far, she would be the 1 i could just love up on all night. just 2 let u know i wasnt saying that in a sexual way either, just meaning like cudlely. thouse eyes make me just want 2 love on her 4 hours and hours, and im sure that who ever sees her would think the same as i do. i would love 2 get 2 meet her just 1nce, just so i can have a romantic moonlight dinner and a long cudlely in front of a nice fire and some wine or what ever she likes. so who ever sees her and thinks there might be a more beautifull woman out there, forget it stop not you'll never find 1. so Kyla Cole if u see this, remember you'r the godess of the world.

Note from Dan: Thanks for the book :P I'm sure Kyla will appreciate it!

Name: James
Rating: 10
Comments: At first when i saw her in a few links i thought she was Liz Hurley with bigger breasts..but then I realised it..a pure beauty!!! /(.Y.)\--best tits!/ )\()/( \--nice pu$$y!And her eyes! SO astounding!! I searched her over net and have found so many pics (over 400) and i have them all saved! THANK U PPL OUT THERE FOR PUTTING SO MANY SITES UP IN GOOGLE.COM!!I read on her new site www.kylacolesite.com that she is from czech republic living, moved to seattle and she has used alot of names with her shoots: Martina Jarcova, Nikita, etc.. The wall paper is good, wish the dark part was an actual pic. DAMN I WANT TO F#$K THIS BABY!! THANK U KYLA COLE FOR POSING FOR US ALL!!!!!!**| By the way im only 17..almost 18 ppl ;)| ** Soon as i make enough dough and get a credit card, i'll sign up to her site!!

Note from Dan: I actually get 90% or more of my hits from people who search on Kyla Cole at google.com :)

Name: Kyla Cole
Rating: Not Rated
Comments: my unofficila web site: http://kylacole.xoasis.com

Name: dorian
Rating: 10
Comments: Search engines are modern technology: 1. So you search Google (or any other, for that matter), looking for Nat K. Cole 2. Bump into Kyla 3. Can't forget her 4. Search Google (or any other, for that matter) for Kyla. 5. See her solo 6. Then girl-girl 7. Check sporty One every other day, just in case 8. Then, the other day (02.12.01) new info: boy-girl. Bingo! Where, where, where, where, where, where, where and when, for Chrissake?

Note from Dan: Pretty damn funny :)

Name: david
Rating: 10
Comments: should be 100 out of 10, your the sexiest girl on the planet

Note from Dan: Rate the design please. We know the girl is a perfect 10. :)

Name: Kyla
Rating: Not Rated
Comments: Hi guys, I just found this page. I personaly like the wallpaper but wont rate it....:) I read all comments and would like to thank you for some...just to let you know I do NOT wear contacts and who knows I might be interested more in some of you weirdos here than in many I meet on daily basis. Anyway, if you want to know more about me, check out http://www.kylacolesite.com (my official site) in March 2001. Meanwhile drop me a note if you want to....

Note from Dan: Am I dreaming or did someone just play a cruel trick on me? Hi Kyla! :) Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. Woo! You see that, guys? I got connections!! (laugh)

Name: Maverick
Rating: 10
Comments: ...A beautiful sight for sore eyes...I would simply love to meet her in-person,...even if for a short while, as I haven't come across a lady as captivatingly beautiful as her...simply beautiful!! Please don't mind me if I kept staring.

Note from Dan: I share your sentiments, but I highly doubt I'd ever meet her in person.

Name: Phillip
Rating: 10
Comments: Kyla...What could you say. Hair that you would want to bury your face in. Lips, so sweet, like the first sip of wine after crossing the desert. Tits with nipples that stare out at you like secret search lights. Legs that look like Greek columns...but what's between them...passport to heaven. I like Kyla above all things. A very distant second is a Ferrari.

Name: Leglover
Rating: 10
Comments: 10 isn't HIGH enough!!!!

Note from Dan: You're supposed to rate the design, not the girl. I'd rate the girl a 20+ if I could ;)

Name: Gavin
Rating: 10
Comments: I've surfed the web for hundreds of hours and there are certainly many beautiful ladies to enjoy but I have never and I mean NEVER seen anything as breathtakingly beautiful as Kyla Cole. Her hair, hands, eyes, legs, smile, bone structure, skin tone, breasts, nipples, pu$$y are all as good as it can possibly get. I would happily die for just one consenting night with this strikingly beautiful lady. Yes, I like her!

Name: jerkyboy
Rating: 10
Comments: I'd give her a 52 if I could go that high. Saw her in a skin rag a few months back and have been trying to find her ever since. Quite possibly the most gorgeous thing to ever grace this earth. Wow! Does anyone know anything about her??? age, what does she do, whatever.....

Name: vons
Rating: 10
Comments: Oh My God!!!

Note from Dan: I believe the correct term would be Goddess. :)

Name: chris
Rating: 11
Comments: you wouldn't let me give her 11 out of 10 she is the hottest women i have ever seen

Note from Dan: There you go, 11 it is :).

Name: Nick
Rating: 10
Comments: !!!!!!

Note from Dan: My thoughts exactly ;)

Name: Gio
Rating: 10
Comments: oh, man I LOVE Kyla Cole!!!! I'm so happy to find this wallpaper of her! She rulz!

Note from Dan: For a more explicit version, check out Kyla's Website: Kyla Cole's Website.

Name: Cryssi
Rating: 10
Comments: I have absolutely no idea of who this woman is... but your design is immpecable!! Awesome wallpaper!!

Name: Dan
Rating: 10
Comments: This girl is soooooooooooo tasty! :) I don't have much to say about the design...well, the silouette of Kyla was inspired by a recent wallpaper I saw (it was some sort of alien silouette). Also, I couldn't show you the colored version anyways, since she was kinda nekkid!

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