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Angelina is Lara
Angelina is Lara
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Comments on Angelina is Lara

Name: Patrina
Rating: 10
Comments: She is the most attractive Lara Croft I have ever seen. She was born to play the role.

Name: kingrat
Rating: 9
Comments: if anything you have made her eyes evenmore beautiful

Name: Rich
Rating: 10
Comments: Fantastic.I love that smokey effect the colours work well together.Angelina never looked better.

Name: Dan
Rating: 10
Comments: OMG! I never thought I'd think of Angelina the way I do when I see this image :P :P What a hottie! Anyways...I really like the color scheme here. Lots of red with blue, purple, and green highlights. The feeling I get from this design is one of elegance, sleekness and beauty. But, there is also a touch of ruggedness added in by that eye on the left side and the blocky text lined vertically. The perfect combination to a perfect lady in my opinion :)

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