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Empire vs. Rebellion
(227k) Empire vs. Rebellion
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Comments on Empire vs. Rebellion

Name: Terry Karrde
Rating: 8
Comments: Nice looks cool

Name: bob
Rating: 10
Comments: all you people who think this is too 'crowded' or whatever. how can it be not cool? i mean, it's Star Wars, come on.

Name: Sneaky
Rating: 10
Comments: Excellent

Name: Jim
Rating: 10
Comments: I think its an awsome wallpaper.

Name: Bryan
Rating: 10
Comments: alot can be said from looking at this peice

Name: Vanessa
Rating: 9
Comments: theres a lot going on which makes shorts hard to place, but other than its great.

Name: Vic
Rating: 10
Comments: Finally, someone made one with 1G-88.

Name: zach
Rating: 10
Comments: its a cool wallpaper a boba fett wallpaper would be awesome

Name: Matt
Rating: 9
Comments: Very creative Dan. True a bit crowded but how else are you gonna fit soething as big as Star Wars into a picture?

Name: Chris
Rating: 8
Comments: I don't think this is as bad as you say Dan!...granted it is a little crowded, but the images still fit well together!...I like it!

Name: Mara Jade Wannabe
Rating: 7
Comments: Can we get a better image of Luke?

Name: Steve
Rating: 10
Comments: Cool, I like to see some new creative wallpapers.

Name: Dan
Rating: 6
Comments: Sorry, Dan, but this design is way too busy. Gee, I'm dissin myself ;) wtf am I using the word dissin for? hehe

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