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(347k) Najara
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Comments on Najara

Name: Linca
Rating: 9
Comments: Exsquisite. Powerful colours, perfect composition, great quote... But man, that Najara character. She freaked me out completely. One of the creepiest Xena chars ever...

Name: Heidi
Rating: 10
Comments: Though I don't particularly like the character Najara, I thought this was a beautiful composition and I gave it a ten for the beautiful colors and the fine work. Great job.

Name: CJ
Rating: 8
Comments: I have to admit the over all this is a very good. I love the quote's are very fitting. The sunlight is wonderful, the color scheme is very pretty. But I only gave this an 8 because of the background. It looks smooth enough but some of the mountians look a little off. I guess it's just some of the coloring. But overall, great job.

Name: Xedra
Rating: 7
Comments: I gave it a 7 for purely selfish reasons... she's not my favorite character. Your work is truly wonderful! The color scheme is perfect and the text is quite fitting. Another that I'd like as a poster!

Note from Dan: It took me a while to come up with the idea for the text, but it says a lot about her I think...thanks.

Name: Brill
Rating: 10
Comments: Love it! It's background is a great contrast with the character and the type.

Name: Dan
Rating: 9
Comments: This design started with a good scan :) I really didn't know what I wanted to do at first. But, as I was cutting away Najara to put into the design, I got ideas. I decided to use a rendered terrain image I created recently...After a little more fiddling, I finally decided on my design. The sun's light seems beautiful, just as Najara seems perfectly good, but the effect of the light on the mountains is not quite correct...Dark is light and light is dark. Najara is not what she seems to be. :)

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