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Fire Eclipse
(251k) Fire Eclipse
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Comments on Fire Eclipse

Name: steve
Rating: 8
Comments: ok

Name: aLx
Rating: 9
Comments: The fire goes around the sun, too...how interesting ^_^

Name: Lynn
Rating: 10
Comments: it look beautiful

Name: shellee
Rating: 5
Comments: Looks good!

Name: mario
Rating: 9
Comments: superchida, "great pic", i like it

Name: justin
Rating: 8
Comments: nice

Name: Rakhaniel
Rating: 7
Comments: I love this pic....well done....

Name: Chris
Rating: 9
Comments: Ooo...I like this, the ring around the planet is very welll done, it gives at a very realistic effect! Great Job Dan!

Name: Dan
Rating: 8
Comments: I think this one is very pretty, but it was a pain in my rear, and there's a few things I'd like to fix (If I thought I could). btw, the flaw (which was just me being stupid) has to do with the eclipse and the ring of fire...find it? ;)

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