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Comments on The Guardian

Name: tung-sai
Rating: 8
Comments: very interesting, good use of texture, its pretty much grrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaattt!

Name: karma
Rating: 7
Comments: bit fuzzy...but excellent pic. Did you design it?

Note from Dan: Yes, I did design it. It started as a simple line drawing.

Name: Anthony
Rating: 8
Comments: It scares the pants off people, it's dark, scary,therefor.....I like it.

Name: boaz
Rating: 3
Comments: just didnt like the pic ( sorry :)

Note from Dan: I appreciate the comment, even if it is negative. However, it's especially important to let me know why you didn't like it...That might help me make better wallpapers in the future! :)

Name: Dan
Rating: 7
Comments: It's simple and it's dark. It's not very good compared to what I've seen some people do, but it's also a first. I will learn as time goes on. It's actually kinda creepy. I still like it.

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