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Wanted *Alive*
(281k) Wanted *Alive*
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Comments on Wanted *Alive*

Name: Chris
Rating: 7
Comments: The sketch is a thousands times better then anything I could do! Personally this isn't the sort of Wall I like! But still it is very creative! I like the burnt paper effect!

Name: Cryssi
Rating: 7
Comments: Hold your head high Dan...the sketch is quite nice. And what it lacks in "drawing ability" you certainly make up for it in your imaginative wanted poster and frame. Very Nice Indeed!! :) :)

Name: Nik
Rating: 6
Comments: Hey, Dan, don't beat yourself up over it! It aint all bad! It's funny! Funny is good, all my Walls are emotional and dramatic or just depict sexy guys! I like it. And the drawing isn't all that... er... mediocre! ;) :)

Name: Dan
Rating: 8
Comments: The burnt paper effect looks really cool. It sorta reminds me of Woven Legacy, although they weren't meant to be the same type of effects. I just wish I could draw better!

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