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Lara Croft (Weller) 2
(241k) Lara Croft (Weller) 2
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Comments on Lara Croft (Weller) 2

Name: koolaid
Rating: 9
Comments: Any doubts on who should have played Miss Croft in the movie? She looks more like the videogame character than Jolie. Lare in the games was a skinny non muscular girl with skinny arms, legs and waist, big boobs and wide hips. And she walked and talked like a LADY unlike Miss Jolie.

Name: threegntx@yahoo.com
Rating: 10
Comments: I hate to put a number rating, as art is too subjective. But I was very impressed with the composition you put together here. The way you separated the foreground, middle ground and background to give it a very 3D look is very good; and yet, they are all blended seamlessly. My work is not as a graphic designer, but I have had some training, and do things on the computer only rarely. But it's fun to put birthday cards and such together with a personal touch. Well done.

Note from Dan: Thank you very much (insert name here :). I greatly appreciate comments like yours.

Name: Chris
Rating: 9
Comments: WOW!...I think I found my new desktop Background...;)...I like this one alot better then the previous one! Great Job Dan!

Name: april lee
Rating: 5
Comments: I like it

Note from Dan: If you like it, why only a 5? :(

Name: Dan
Rating: 9
Comments: I really want to give this design a 10, but I didn't get some things done that I would have liked to try. It was difficult to cut around the larger Lara due to the fact that it was so dark (the background blended into her hair and guns and other stuff). So, instead of fighting it, I went with it and designed a dark wallpaper :) Hey, if anyone knows Lara Weller personally, tell her to give me a jingle! ;) Is she single? :P (I did not mean to rhyme that!)

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