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Livia's Spirit
(263k) Livia's Spirit
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Comments on Livia's Spirit

Name: Xenia
Rating: 9
Comments: I really love this, I am always trying to find any pictures of Livia and Eve, despite the fact that this is really cool and I bet you worked hard on it, I think the flames are a little tacky. Please dont take offense.

Name: Megan Livia Lee
Rating: 10
Comments: This is my favorite! Keep up the GREAT work!

Name: Linca
Rating: 9
Comments: Looks awesome, I think it's worth a 9. I love the flames, I can't believe you created them from scratch. I only have one gripe - I think it's spelt "buries", not "bury's".

Name: Dan
Rating: 8
Comments: A relatively simple design, yet the fire was quite a task to create. And I had fun doing it. It's got a great message I think...so, don't dismiss it :P Perhaps this is worth a 9? ;)

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