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WRX Dream
(353k) WRX Dream
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Comments on WRX Dream

Name: Damian
Rating: 10
Comments: Off The hook man...I'm getting those light tomorrow, always wanted that look for my wrx. Anybody knows any good website where I can get those light in a good price.

Name: Brett
Rating: 10
Comments: I'm a bit biased with this one, I own a silver STI, so how could I nor like it.

Name: Laura
Rating: 9
Comments: Damn this car is nice!!!If this car had phat as mags damn i would love the person who owns it!!Damn look at dat bootie!!! This car is FINE!!!!

Name: Dan
Rating: 8
Comments: Beautiful is what I say. A true dreamy look to a car in many peoples dreams. Is this what it looks like when you dream at night? :) 227 horsepower, all wheel drive; a true rally inspired car.

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