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Livia's Spirit
(263k) Livia's Spirit

(C 4) (R 9.00)

Life is a constant battle. Loving and caring are what we all tend to strive for. But, hate and anger always creep up on the best of us. I wanted to portray the evil spirit of Livia vs. the good nature of Eve in this design. Eve is there, just hidden deep and forgotten within Livia. Can she surface? :/
Wanted *Alive*
(281k) Wanted *Alive*

(C 4) (R 7.00)

Concept originally came to light while I was browsing some Photoshop tutorials and ran across a burnt paper tutorial. I decided to use the picture I drew of Xena some time ago.
Eve to Livia
(274k) Eve to Livia

(C 12) (R 9.00)

Ever since I first saw Livia, I knew I needed to make a wallpaper for her. Well, I finally buckled down and did a wallpaper of Livia! It's about time! :) Check the comments for more info on this design.
Lucy is Xena
(224k) Lucy is Xena

(C 4) (R 8.50)

I made this wallpaper for the abmxh newsgroup. They put together a sort of contest. 5-10 images are provided and you come up with any wallpaper you can. No prizes :) It's just for fun to 'show your stuff'. I used 3 of the images provided for this design.
In the Beginning
(560k) In the Beginning

(C 3) (R 9.50)

As you may know, the most popular (scientific) theory on the beginning of the universe is referred to as the 'Big Bang'. Here, we have Xena and Gabrielle encased in a capluse of time, exploding from the center of what will soon become our universe. Sorry it's so large (file size).
(347k) Soulmates

(C 7) (R 8.86)

My inspiration for this design came when Andrew's Xenaverse had a (his second) graphics contest with the theme Soulmates. I wanted to make this design very colorful and dynamic...I think it turned out nice :) I created a 'The Making of: Soulmates' page also (temporarily removed)...This design took first place in the contest!! :)
(347k) Najara

(C 6) (R 8.83)

The character Najara made a huge impact on me in the episode The Crusader. And finally I was able to come up with (what I feel is) a fitting design for her. To learn a little more about the design, check out the comments...I used a scanned image from the net and a background image created with a freeware terrain generater similar to Bryce.
Woven Legacy
(262k) Woven Legacy

(C 19) (R 9.00)

Originally, Woven Legacy was created with a picture I 'spruced up' before I concieved this design. As such, the design wasn't accurate towards my intended design. So, I decided I needed to start this design from scratch and do it right. I think both designs look nice, but the new version fix's a couple things I didn't do with the original. Here's the old version.
September 2000 (Devi)
(271k) September 2000 (Devi)

(C 4) (R 9.75)

My contribution to the ABMTX-H newsgroup calendar for y2k. 12 different people, 12 unique months, 1 great calendar! Unofficial ABMX-H 2000 Calendar (link dead/removed)
(223k) Righteousness

(C 14) (R 9.83)

Cutting Angel Gabrielle out of the original picture was a pain! :) What a perfect blend of strength and beauty! This design turned out just like I wanted it to :) I also created a Special Edition version of this background which is slightly different and cleaned up a bit. I give out copies on certain occasions. You can see a sample at this link: Righteousness SE