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(207k) Mavican

(C 3) (R 9.00)

I couldn't pass up making a background of my favorite new bad girl. If anyone can, who can? Mavi-Can!! Ok, stupid joke based on Ares' pronunciation of her name. Mavican has what it takes to defeat Xena and Gabrielle, but she's a little careless with her skills. All 3 images are retouched screen captures.
(142k) Chakram

(C 27) (R 9.40)

Here's a first for me!! I designed the chakram from scratch (based off a picture). Tell me what you think!
Stone in the Water
(121k) Stone in the Water

(C 12) (R 8.64)

I've always wanted to do a design based on the wisdom Xena and Gabrielle rant over at the end of Dreamworker. Beautifully written (and spoken by the characters).
Unbridled Arrows
(113k) Unbridled Arrows

(C 4) (R 9.00)

Ok, thanks to everyone who sent in a caption/quote for this design. I needed the help! ;) I finally came up with something I'm relatively happy with. Thanks to Tammy Stacey for the inventive caption, 'Unbridled Arrows'.
The Way of the Warrior
(288k) The Way of the Warrior

(C 7) (R 9.43)

After watching the episode 'The Way,' I had to make this one...
First Kill
(163k) First Kill

(C 1) (R 9.00)

When an innocent boy is caught in a war, he must face the consequences of his first kill. I did keep it at 1024x768, but the front capture is noticeably grainy due to the capture quality.
(147k) Berserker

(C 4) (R 7.75)

This is a Xena related design based on the Berserker who has a special power to bring back painful memories. I had to keep this design at 800x600 because I used all video captures. This design took 3rd place in Andrew's Xenaverse (First) Graphics Contest. :)
The Rift
(Special) The Rift

(C 3) (R 9.33)

I worked on this design all day long and ended up with 3 different versions. Why? Because I would start one, then start another, thinking I could do better, but each one ended up looking just as good. So, I'm going to post them all for you. They are all basically the same. But, not exactly, as you will see...
Dark Angel
(175k) Dark Angel

(C 2) (R 10.00)

The pictures from this wallpaper were from some magazine.
God of War
(342k) God of War

(C 9) (R 9.78)

Ares, God of War (Per request). The concept and design of this wallpaper took me forever. Not to mention a whole redo of it half way through. Was about 2 days working on it, on and off. The big problem was Ares' shoulder. It had the Xena logo on it because the picture was taken from the Xena card collection. So, I just faded it more than I really wanted to.