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Unspoken Desire
(247k) Unspoken Desire

(C 2) (R 10.00)

This wallpaper took me almost 4 hours!! Hah! I had to watch the whole Herc episode, 'My Fair Cupcake,' just to get the 50+ screen captures, then decide which ones to use. But, it turned out good, I think. I made this wallpaper because I know there are a lot of people out there feeling like Autolycus, including myself :) I packed a lot of meaning into this check it out! :)
Gabrielle's Secret
(265k) Gabrielle's Secret

(C 4) (R 9.25)

It's Gabrielle! I love the message in this design! Photoshop crashed about 10 times during the making of this wallpaper.
(162k) Friendship

(C 6) (R 7.50)

I am constantly reminding myself: It's good to have friends. The quote I found for this wallpaper says it so well.
(157k) Callisto

(C 14) (R 9.36)

They say the eyes are the doorway into the soul... Finally a decent wallpaper. I hated having the Hudson Leick background as my last wallpaper.
Hudson Leick
(338k) Hudson Leick

(C 1) (R 3.00)

Heidi Hudson Leick wallpaper. I'm not real happy with the turnout of this wallpaper, but...that's what I get for just throwing a bunch of pictures together without any rhyme or reason. She's very pretty, though :)
(209k) Caesar

(C 2) (R 10.00)

Caesar! One of my favorite bad guys. I just realized, I wasn't really into adding effects to my designs up to this point. They're all just images. Interesting.
(294k) Aphrodite

(C 2) (R 10.00)

Aphrodite, per request...the Goddess of Luv... :) I probably should have added some effects to the otherwise plain pink.
(189k) Memories

(C 4) (R 10.00)

Gabrielle's journey inside the temple of Mnemosyne takes her through the three rivers...The river of Wailing, The river of Woe, and the river of Waning. Memories was done exclusively with video captured images (ick). But, there just aren't the right images on the net for this background.
Inner Strength
(185k) Inner Strength

(C 6) (R 10.00)

This wallpaper is of Hope, an ironically evil character. Try putting this design on your 17+" monitor! Pretty freaky. I got this design from a screen cap I found on the net.
(306k) Dahak

(C 4) (R 9.50)

Dahak! I like how this one turned out. Dahak, the Infernal Destroyer!