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(201k) Predator

(C 20) (R 8.56)

Predator - A killing efficient, it seeks out prey in hopes of finding a challenge. Do you think you have what it takes to give this thing a challenge? Yeah right! Only in the movies man! It's nearly 8 ft. tall and has a face that will scare you $hi!!e$$. Talk about intimidation! When this thing took off its helmet and roared, I just about ran out of the room to get away from my tv!!
Judgement Day: Linda Hamilton
(247k) Judgement Day: Linda Hamilton

(C 5) (R 6.80)

As requested by a fan of my work, Linda Hamilton from the Terminator movies. I actually had a difficult time finding good pictures that I could use of Linda. I also had to reduce the size of this background to 800x600. Oh well. I hope you like it.
Mortal Kombat
(152k) Mortal Kombat

(C 22) (R 9.50)

Browsing around through some of my video captures, I found some nice Mortal Kombat pics. This whole design, with the exception of the text was made from video captures. (I hate the quality of video captures; but it didn't turn out too bad :)
The Dragon
(132k) The Dragon

(C 11) (R 9.30)

Bruce Lee! Not intended as a wallpaper, but I enlarged it and added the quotes. I don't know if Bruce Lee qualifies for the Men section of Other Movies section. I just stuck him here :)