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Angelina is Lara
(202k) Angelina is Lara

(C 4) (R 9.75)

I was in the process of making a new Lara Croft wallpaper with Angelina Jolie, but I couldn't decide what to do...That is, until I saw this image of Angelina and it blew me away! So, I started a new design and here is the result. :) It's a bit different from my other Lara wallpapers, which were based upon a green color scheme.
Lara Croft (Weller) 2
(241k) Lara Croft (Weller) 2

(C 5) (R 8.40)

I was recently able to extract some (very high quality, albeit small) images from an mpg file I recieved a long time ago (on a CD) in Incite magazine. That was all it took...Off to work I went :) And with all the great images I still had from, I had a wallpaper (without a design) that couldn't fail. I decided to go with the green clouds again. :) I think it turned out well in the end.
Lara Croft (Weller)
(288k) Lara Croft (Weller)

(C 1) (R 9.00)

I originally designed a wooden border (instead of the green clouds), upon which were inscribed the hieroglyphic symbols you see here. My skills with Photoshop, however are meager, so the wooden border looked kinda lame. I may not be the best with Photoshop, but I know what looks nice ;) I settled for this in the end. Images used from
Lara Weller
(353k) Lara Weller

(C 5) (R 9.00)

It all began in my search for Lara Croft images. I wanted to do a wallpaper of Lara Weller as Lara Croft as I already did one of Nell McAndrews. Well, I came across some images from FHM. There were only 3, but 1 of them just blew me away. So, I had to use it.
Kyla Cole
(269k) Kyla Cole

(C 24) (R 9.86)

Kyla Cole is one of my all time favorites! Take a gander and see for yourself. btw, that blacked out image is of her without anything on ;) :) :P
Vanessa Upton
(330k) Vanessa Upton

(C 14) (R 9.36)

Omi gosh! This is the hottest woman I have ever seen!! I know I've said that about other women...shut up :) Let me blissfully grovel in my own drool for the time being. I am officially declaring July 7th (the day I found Vanessa) a national holiday...I urge everyone to take the July 7th off hereforth for Vanessa Day. She will be remembered!
Lara Croft (McAndrews)
(222k) Lara Croft (McAndrews)

(C 9) (R 8.22)

I just ran across the best damn gallery of pics of Lara Croft!! These aren't just the computer generated images, there are a boat load of images of the models that bring Lara Croft to life!! Very high quality! Nell is my favorite! So, check them out and if you sign their guestbook, tell them Dan sent you ;) The homepage is Visions of Lara Croft (link dead/removed).
Sophie Marceau 2
(219k) Sophie Marceau 2

(C 5) (R 6.33)

Here's my second background of Sophie Marceau. I thought I really needed to make a new one of her. The other Sophie Marceau background was one of my earliest backgrounds created with Photoshop and was poorly designed.
Laetitia Casta 2
(371k) Laetitia Casta 2

(C 2) (R 9.00)

Just look at her!! :) I had to reconstruct two of the images in this design....and unless you've seen the originals, you're going to have a difficult time figuring out which two they are. I even devised a new (reconstruction) technique during the making of this design. You may also notice the center of focus on this design is not the center of the picture. It's slightly higher.
Laetitia Casta
(306k) Laetitia Casta

(C 7) (R 7.33) request. I went searching for pictures on this girl and had absolutely no trouble finding some. To make things even better, most of the pictures were very high quality. I sorted through the pics and found the few I couldn't do without...36. That was a problem. So, I bit my tongue real hard and started removing a few. Oh, well...I think I used 8 here...