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Queen Amidala
(355k) Queen Amidala

(C 21) (R 9.37)

Oh, man. The dresses this girl gets to wear are just amazing! I used the 5 best pictures I could find. There was only 1 slight problem. The picture to the right of the center, the red Queen, had part of her head piece chopped off. Luckily I found another picture of her in the same dress and just did a little cut and paste action. btw, this is my first background done with Photoshop 5.0 (from 4.0)!! Woo!!
The Phantom Menace: Lightsaber Duel
(343k) The Phantom Menace: Lightsaber Duel

(C 28) (R 9.10)

I just watched this movie for the second time and I can't believe the lightsaber duels. They are unreal. And, since I can't seem to keep my mind off this scene, I decided to put it into wallpaper size.
Young Obi-Wan
(223k) Young Obi-Wan

(C 23) (R 9.05)

Requested by a fan. Obi-Wan Kenobi. I had lots of fun with this one. Creating the lightsaber, the layout, the text. btw, if you havn't seen The Phantom Menace yet, this background will ruin any suprises...But, I figure, if you really care about any suprises, you've already seen the movie. Just wanted to warn you.
(258k) Conflict

(C 8) (R 8.00)

Another Star Wars wallpaper!! I can't wait for Episode I !!! ROCK!!
Empire vs. Rebellion
(227k) Empire vs. Rebellion

(C 13) (R 9.00)

Finally, a Starwars wallpaper! I'm not too happy with this one since it's so crowded. I started (and finished) it at my friends house, while I was over for a LAN party :)