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WRX Dream
(353k) WRX Dream

(C 4) (R 9.25)

Take a gander at the Subaru Impreza WRX, modified with a larger STI hood scoop, Morette headlights, and mesh fog light covers. The rest is photoshopped. This may be a dream for some people, but not for me (it's my car!) :D
The Flower of Love
(109k) The Flower of Love

(C 2) (R 9.50)

Well, my girlfriend broke up with me not too long ago and we were in a state of uncertainty regarding our relationship. I took a picture of a (it was yellow) flower I had on my table and this is what I ended up with. The Flower of Love has the power to provide great happiness, however if you find yourself plucking the wrong petal, beware the consequences.
The Guardian
(217k) The Guardian

(C 5) (R 6.60)

A bit of a new style for me...The Guardian was created mostly with the dodge and burn tools to simply add lighting effects. This makes a relatively flat image look 3 dimensional.
Fire Eclipse
(251k) Fire Eclipse

(C 9) (R 8.11)

Done with a couple online Photoshop tutorials (Fireball and Eclipse). I think it turned out pretty good considering my lack of experience. Two things I'd like to note...#1) Don't bug me about the fire in space (I know it can't happen) and #2) There is a simple design flaw (can you find it? ;) :)
(213k) Amoeba

(C 1) (R 6.00)

It's been a while since I made a new wallpaper, so I was craving to do something. But, I was too lazy to think up an idea and find images to work with. So...well...I started clicking on filter after filter. Not very creative, but who cares. This is what came to me...and I'm satisfied enough to add it to my collection. Hopefully some of you will like it. :)
DHS Lightning
(149k) DHS Lightning

(C 9) (R 8.22)

My very first background using the basic Photoshop filters! Thanks to a cool tutorial I found on the net to help me create this lightning effect. Pretty simple, but until I get better at these filters (I haven't used them that much actually), I'm going to keep it simple...because creating these from scratch isn't what I'm used to.
Nathan's Rex (color)
(300k) Nathan's Rex (color)

(C 1) (R 10.00)

I worked a little magic on Nathan's Rex. Now, it's in full color!
Nathan's Rex
(283k) Nathan's Rex

(C 1) (R 9.00)

This is a drawing done by my old friend Nathan. It's unfinished, but I still think it's quite a drawing.
(355k) Starcraft

(C 19) (R 6.00)

Starcraft background. Pictures were scanned from the box.