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The Power, The Passion, The Danger
(217k) The Power, The Passion, The Danger

(C 6) (R 9.00)

Xena, Xena, Xena! This is only a smaller copy of the original, which I am keeping :) I give out copies on certain occasions.
A True Warrior
(165k) A True Warrior

(C 3) (R 8.67)

Only a simple editing, but I had to use this picture of Lucy by a lake. This theme goes with the idea that when you look into a mirror, you see who you really are.
Xena Call
(105k) Xena Call

(C 3) (R 8.33)

Xena and Callisto. I didn't create the graphics on this one. I found the image on the net and then added the surrounding red so it would fit a desktop. If you know who created the original image, I'd be thankful to know.
Xena Paper
(398k) Xena Paper

(C 3) (R 7.50)

My very first Xena related wallpaper! Can you spot Bobafett in this wallpaper? ;)